Fake “Reactivate Your Microsoft Email Account” Emails Lead to Phishing

Phishing website

Emails purporting to come from Microsoft and the “WWW email domain host” are being sent out by cybercrooks in an attempt to lure Internet users to a phishing site where they’re asked to hand over their passwords and other information.

The emails spotted by Hoax Slayer carry the subject line “REACTIVATE YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT!!!” and they read something like this:

“In compliance with the email upgrade instructions from Microsoft Corporation and WWW email domain host, all unverified email accounts would be suspended for verification. To avoid suspension of your email account and also to retain all email Contents, please perform one time automatic verification by completing the online verification form. Please CLICK HERE.”

The notifications have nothing to do with Microsoft. When the link is clicked, victims are taken to a phishing site where they’re asked to enter their email address, password, date of birth, and phone number.

If you come across such emails, delete them. In case you’re a victim of this scam, change your password (or passwords if you’ve been using the same one for multiple accounts) as soon as possible.


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