RedHack Leaks Contact Information of US Embassy Staff

US Embassy in Turkey targeted by RedHack

Hackers of the RedHack group have leaked the contact information for 36 staff members of the US Embassy in Turkey. The hacktivists have published a list of names, email addresses, job titles and phone numbers.

A RedHack representative has told me that the information has been leaked in memory of Sinan Cemgil, one of the founders of Turkish People’s Liberation Army.

The slogan accompanying the leaked information, “We have learned only three words of English at METU: Go home Yankee,” was used by Sinan in the 1960s in protest against the United States’ politicians and military.

Now, the hacktivists send a message to the United States, telling it not to interfere in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.

RedHack says it protests against the US government, but it doesn’t have anything against the American people.

The hackers accuse the US, China and Russia of occupying other countries with their military under a slogan of “peace,” after which they engage in “economical occupation.”


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