Malware Alert: Incoming Fax Report

Beware of malicious fax notifications!

Fake fax report emails are being sent out by cybercriminals in an effort to trick users into downloading a piece of malware onto their computers.

According to Hoax Slayer, the emails are entitled “Incoming Fax Report” and they instruct recipients to click on a link in order to “view the file online.”

The link points to a malicious website that’s been set up to serve malware. If you come across such emails, act with caution. If it looks suspicious, simply delete it.

If you’ve already clicked on the link, scan your computer with an updated antivirus.

The emails look something like this:

“Date/Time: 10/02/2014 05:13:13 EST
Speed: 25903 bps
Connection time: 04:08
Pages: 7
Resolution: Normal
Remote ID: 8102702342
Line number: 4
Description: Payroll
Click here to view the file online”


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