HITB2014AMS: Google Is Offering Five Grants to Women

Google offers grants to women who want to attend HITB 2014 Amsterdam

Google is encouraging women to excel in the tech industry by offering them tech conference and travel grants. The upcoming Hack In The Box (HITB) security conference in Amsterdam is eligible, so if you want to get the chance to attend the event as a VIP, sign up now.

For the HITB 2014 Amsterdam conference, Google is offering five grants. Five lucky women will get VIP tickets to the conference, and invites to the speakers reception, the post conference reception sponsored by Microsoft, and the Amsterdam Girl Geek Dinner.

In addition, they’ll also get €1,000 ($1,357) to cover travel costs.

In order to apply for a grant, you must be a woman working in or studying computer engineering, computer science or a technical field that’s related to the subject of the conference, in this case security.

You must also have a strong academic background, demonstrate leadership in your school or workplace, and attend the core days of the main conference – for HITB 2014 Amsterdam it’s May 29 and 30.

To apply, visit the Google Women in Tech Travel and Conference Grant program page. Additional details are available on the Google for Education website and on HITB’s website.


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