GCHQ Websites Attacked by Anonymous Hackers

Hackers claim to have disrupted the GCHQ's website

A couple of days ago, Anonymous hackers issued a statement in response to news that Britain’s GCHQ spy agency launched cyberattacks against their communication channels a few years ago.

February 11 marked the start of the “The Day We Fight Back” anti-mass surveillance protests. Several websites have been targeted, and some hackers even claim to have disrupted the website of the GCHQ.

Experts from Netcraft confirm that gchq.gov.uk has experienced some “noticeable performance issues” that could have been caused by a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack.

Interestingly, Netcraft says that the attacks launched by hackers could originate from Romania.

“Curiously, a much larger amount of downtime has been observed from Netcraft’s Romanian performance monitor since the leaked slides were made public,” Netcraft’s Paul Mutton noted.

“That could indicate much more extreme DDoS mitigation techniques are being applied to these requests, and this in turn suggests that if an attack is occurring, perhaps Romania is one of the countries from which the attacks are being launched.”


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