Bitstamp Suspends Bitcoin Withdrawals Due to DOS Attack

Bitstamp suspends services

Bitcoin is taking hit after hit. Now, Bitcoin exchange service Bitstamp has announced suspending withdrawals while it’s dealing with a denial-of-service (DOS) attack.

Transactions have been suspended due to “inconsistent results reported by our bitcoind wallet, caused by a denial-of-service attack using transaction malleability to temporarily disrupt balance checking.”

The company says that funds are not at risk. The withdrawals that failed on February 10 and 11 are being cancelled.

According to the Bitstamp team, the DOS attack is made possible by some “misunderstandings in Bitcoin wallet implementations.” A software fix that should address these misunderstandings is being prepared.

The exchange service says that operations will be resumed “shortly.”

Andreas Antonopoulos, the CSO of Blockchain, has told TribLIVE that this is a “nuisance attack” that slows down Bitstamp’s accounting system from reconciling transactions.


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