Australian Attorney General Accuses Snowden of Putting Lives at Risk – Video


Ever since news broke that Edward Snowden’s leaks impacted Australia as well, the country’s officials have taken sides – some call the former NSA contractor a whistleblower, while others a traitor. Australia’s attorney general believes Snowden is definitely a traitor.

When asked by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam regarding the global protest against mass surveillance that’s taking place these days, TheDayWeFightBack, Attorney General Senator George Brandis pointed to an article written by Ludlam for The Guardian “in praise of the American traitor Edward Snowden.”

“You celebrate and you make a hero of this man, who through his criminal dishonesty and his treachery to his country has put lives, including Australian lives, at risk,” Brandis commented.

The attorney general claims that Australia’s intelligence agencies operate under a “strong framework of surveillance, and under very strong statutory obligations, and accountability obligations.”


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