Speakers for HITB 2014 Amsterdam Announced

HITB 2014 Amsterdam keynote speakers

The organizers of the Hack in the Box (HITB) conference have announced the first round of speakers for HITB 2013 Amsterdam, which is scheduled to take place on May 29-30, 2014, at the De Beurs van Berlage.

What’s interesting about HITB 2013 Amsterdam is that all keynote speakers are women. The list includes Jaya Baloo (KPN), Kristin Lovejoy (IBM), Pamela Fusco (The Apollo Group), Katie Moussouris (Microsoft), Mischel Kwon (former director of US-CERT) and Jennifer Steffens (IOActive).

Moussouris, Lovejoy, Fusco and Steffens will hold opening keynotes, and Kwon and Baloo will hold the closing keynotes.

Independent researchers and experts from organizations such as MITRE, SensePost, Sense of Security, the Moscow State University, Context Information Security, Exploit Pack, Trend Micro, ERPScan, Bromium and Great Scott Gadgets will also present their work.

Additional details and the complete list of security experts attending the event are available on the HITB website.


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