RedHack Begins Hack Attacks in Protest Against Turkey’s New Internet Law

Kars Municipality website hacked and defaced

The citizens of Turkey are once again storming the streets to protest against the country’s government. This time, the main reason of the protest is the recently introduced Internet law, which critics say seriously limits freedom of speech.

As promised, hacktivists of the notorious RedHack group have joined the protests, launching cyberattacks against a number of organizations.

First, they leaked the phone numbers of “murderer police chiefs and superintendents.” They leaked around two dozen records, but the hackers say this is only the first part.

Then, the hacktivists defaced the official website of the Kars Municipality ( with a message of protest against the new Internet law. Another website targeted by RedHack is the one of the Gas Distribution Authority of Sakarya (

The hackers have posted a message on the website saying that gas is free because the corrupt government is “stealing enough from the people.” The site has been altered to show that gas prices are zero (see screenshot).

The third target has been the website of the City of Amasya, from which the hacktivists leaked AKP (Justice and Development Party) membership applications.

The Ministry of Education has also been attacked. Invoices and the expenditures of schools have been published online on JustPaste.It.

“Ministry of Education-There are some astronomical expenditures which clearly shows there is degree of corruption, especially on water bills,” the hackers wrote on Twitter after leaking the data.

The controversial Internet censorship law is criticized not only by Turkish citizens, but by the EU as well.

“The Turkish public deserves more information and more transparency, not more restrictions. The law needs to be revised in line with European standards,” Peter Stano, spokesperson for the European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle, said last week.


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