Anonymous to GCHQ: USS Snowden Sank Your Leaky Boats – Video


Anonymous hackers have published a statement in response to recent news regarding the operation in which a unit of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) used DDOS attacks to disrupt the hacktivists’ communication channels.

The hackers say the British spy agency is no match for them.

“You try to sail with us, but your fleets can’t even comprehend staying afloat. Little leaky boats sunk by the USS Snowden,” the hacktivists noted in a video statement published over the weekend.

The hackers say they have other communication channels, besides IRC, which the GCHQ apparently doesn’t know about.

Anonymous also highlights the fact that despite being illegal in most countries, the United Kingdom government turned to DDOS attacks to disrupt their private chat networks.

“GCHQ, you might have just stirred up something you will not be able to control, making DDOS a valid tool via your example,” the hackers said. “We will also make sure to bring this up in any future court cases involving this form of protest, since GCHQ has validated it as a ‘technique that can aid in awareness’.”


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