Three Home Depot HR Employees Arrested for Stealing Co-Workers’ Information

The Home Depot employees arrested and charged

Earlier this week, three individuals working in the human resources department of Home Depot’s corporate headquarters in Atlanta were arrested and charged with stealing their co-workers’ personal information and using it for fraudulent credit cards.

Claudette Grimes and her daughter, Lakisha Grimes, and Paulette Shorter are the suspects. They’ve all been released on bail,WSBTV reports.

Home Depot representatives say the trio’s illegal activities had been uncovered after someone from the company’s security department noticed that an email sent by Claudette Grimes from her work account contained the details of over 300 employees. The incident was reported to the US Secret Service.

The information included social security numbers and birth dates. The 300 individuals have been notified and Home Depot is offering them free credit monitoring services. The company says between 10,000 and 20,000 employees’ information might have been exposed.

Home Depot customers are not impacted, because the HR employees didn’t have access to their information.


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