Bank of America Customers Targeted in Massive Bredo Malware Distribution Campaign

Traffic volume during spam run / Fake Bank of America email

Security researchers at AppRiver have spotted an interesting malware distribution campaign that leverages a massive volume of traffic in an effort to evade filtering engines.

The attack is aimed at Bank of America customers and, at its peak, AppRiver’s data center recorded 10 to 12 times the normal amount of traffic.

Cybercriminals are sending out fake Bank of America emails that carry a piece of malware of the Bredo family. This threat is designed to steal information, including banking data, from infected devices. The Trojan is also capable of downloading other malicious elements onto affected computers.

At the time of the attack, the malware sample analyzed by experts was identified by only 11 antivirus engines.

AppRiver says that it has managed to block the spam messages, but this incident shows that cybercriminals are increasingly turning to this method to beat filtering engines.


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