Bogus “Pay Your Rent” Emails Used to Distribute Malware

Fake rent arrears warnings used to spread malware

Cybercriminals keep coming up with new topics for malware distribution. Now, they’ve started sending out fake rent arrears warnings in an effort to trick users into downloading malware.

The emails are entitled “Customer Reminder” and they read something like this:

“This is a 10 (ten) days’ warning about your rent arrears. Your rent is behind by two thousand pounds and it’s a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act and the Tenancy Agreement between us.

We insist that you pay #2000 (two thousand pounds) within next 10 (ten) working days. We request that the outstanding balance be paid in full in the next 10 (ten) days; otherwise we will apply to the court for you to pay all the rent owed and to end your tenancy.

To find out more details on your rent record click here: [Link]”

The link leads to a website that’s set up to serve an archive file. The archive contains an executable that’s actually a piece of malware, Hoax Slayer reports.

This appears to be part of the eviction notice spam campaign that’s been seen over the past weeks. If you’re a victim of this attack, scan your computer with an updated antivirus solution to make sure it’s not infected.


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