Anonymous Hackers Threaten to Leak Details of Singapore Government Employees

Anonymous Singapore threatens government once again

Anonymous hackers are once again targeting the Singaporean government. The hacktivists threaten to leak the personal details of government employees in protest against the recent arrests of individuals allegedly tied to Anonymous.

The hackers have provided ZDNet with a sample of the data they claim to have stolen from a Singaporean security company that “does much business with the government.”

The names, government email addresses, dates of birth, nationalities, phone numbers and passport numbers of 10 individuals have been leaked.

Judging by their email addresses, they appear to be from organizations such as the Central Narcotics Bureau, the Prison Service, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, the National Water Agency, the National Environment Agency, the National Library Board, and the Ministry of Manpower.

However, ZDNet’s Ryan Huang says that some of the information appears to be either outdated or inaccurate.

The hacktivists threaten to leak the personal details of thousands of people if the government doesn’t “start showing a sense of justice and fairness.”


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