Activists and Hacktivists Preparing to Protest Against Turkey’s New Internet Law

RedHack prepares to protest against new Internet law

Turkey’s parliament has approved controversial changes to an Internet law, allowing authorities to block access to certain websites. Activists and hacktivists are preparing to protest against the new law, which, they say, limits freedom of speech.

Hackers of the group RedHack, which represents the Turkish government’s fiercest adversary from cyberspace, say they plan on protesting against the new law alongside NGOs and other groups. The demonstrations are scheduled to start on Saturday at 19:00.

“‘Education’ is a necessity and corruption sucks,” a RedHack representative has told me regarding their plans.

“This law is designed to suppress people more and silence them in order to stop them from criticizing AKP government. This is fascism. If people don’t react, their rights and freedoms will be stripped from them at all levels,” he added.

Meanwhile, RedHack is planning to leak data stolen from the systems of Turkcell. Earlier this week, the hacktivists announced breaching the systems of Vodafone, TTNET and Turkcell.

They’ve already leaked information from Vodafone and TTNET, and the hackers say they will publish the information from Turkcell before the Saturday protests start.


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