Searching for iTunes on Google Could Lead You to Potentially Unwanted Applications

Beware of shady websites if you're searching for iTunes on Google

While searching for iTunes on Google, a security expert from Sophos found a sponsored ad that led him to a shady website.

According to Chester Wisniewski, when users visit this site and click the download button, they’re taken to a page where they’re informed that clicking the download button starts a third-party application that manages the iTunes installation.

Ultimately, users do get a copy of iTunes from the real Apple website, but they also end up with all sorts of potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) installed on their computers.

During the iTunes installation process, users are informed that they’re about to also install a piece of software called “Install Search Protect,” which sets the default search engine to Conduit Search in all browsers, and blocks other software that attempts to revert back the settings.


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