Government Websites of India’s Largest State Hacked by Pakistani Group

Rajasthan websites defaced

Two of the websites of Rajasthan, India’s largest state, have been hacked and defaced by a Pakistani group called Voice of Black Hat Hackers.

According to E Hacking News, the targeted sites are the ones of the Rajasthan Information and Public Relations Department ( and a subdomain that has been created for testing purposes (

This is another attack part of the ongoing “cyberwar” for the Kashmir region.

“HEY INDIA!; Think again! Salute oh martyr from the land of Kashmir, your last wish to recite verses of holy Quran was not fulfilled. But the dream you lived with, will surely be fulfilled. India will taste defeat. India celebrates this day while not realising what is coming for it now, this won’t end the Intifada from Kashmir, you will see more and intense revolution,” the attackers said.

At the time of writing, the hacktivists’ defacement page has been removed from the “webmis” subdomain, but it’s still live on the DIPR subdomain.


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