4,794: Total Number of Vulnerabilities Reported in 2013

Most targeted applications in 2013

GFI Software has published a report on the vulnerabilities identified and reported in 2013 based on data from the National Vulnerability Database. The number of security holes reported in 2013 totaled 4,794, which represents an average of 13 new issues each day.

It’s worth noting that this is the largest number of vulnerabilities reported in the last five years.

According to GFI Software Product Manager Cristian Florian, around one third of the reported flaws were classified as being of “high severity.”

The top ten vendors – a list which includes Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Google, Mozilla, Adobe, Red Hat and HP – were responsible for half of the total number of issues.

The largest number of bugs was found in Oracle’s products – a total of 514, 193 of which impacted Java. When it comes to high severity vulnerabilities, most of them affected Microsoft software.

In 2013, the most targeted applications were Internet Explorer (128), Java (193), Chrome (168), Firefox (149), Thunderbird (113) and Firefox ESR (100).

For additional details, check out GFI Software’s report.


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