RedHack Leaks Data from Vodafone to Show That the Company Is Logging Voicemails

RedHack leaks data allegedly stolen from the systems of Vodafone

On Monday, RedHack hacktivists claimed to have breached the systems of three major telecoms companies, namely TTNET, Turkcell, and Vodafone. Now, they’ve leaked the details of around 5,000 Vodafone customers.

The leaked data includes names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and voicemail delivery details. The information has been posted on the website JustPaste.It.

“Vodafone has shown great interest in controlling the global internet and lobbies USA and EU to give them the biggest piece from the cake,” the hackers wrote on Twitter just before leaking the information stolen from Vodafone. “But yet again they are unable you protect their own systems.”

The hacktivists say they’ve redacted the phone numbers and deleted last names “to protect the public.” They’ve leaked the data to show that the telecoms giant is logging voicemails in Turkey.

“Why would Vodafone keep log of voicecalls made in Turkey?” they noted.

RedHack representatives have told Softpedia that they have half a million voicemail log records. They claim the logs are only for Istanbul and only for a period of two days.

RedHack members say the goal of these attacks is to prove that no system is 100% secure. They’ve also warned that anyone who “commits injustices” is their next target.

A few hours ago, RedHack leaked the details of over 600 Turkish officials and other individuals working for various government agencies.

The hackers have told Softpedia that they will “hopefully” manage to leak the data stolen from Turkcell, which is their last target in this operation, tomorrow.

The hacktivists have already leaked data from Turkcell. More precisely, they’ve leaked the phone numbers of thousands of Turkcell employees.

The telecoms company came under fire after changing the phone numbers of deputies and ministries leaked by RedHack in protest against a controversial Internet bill.


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