Fake Acknowledgement Letters Used to Distribute Malware

Malicious emails used to distribute malware

Another sample of the “court notice” spam campaign has been spotted. The emails carry the subject line “Acknowledgement letter” and they’re designed to trick recipients into visiting a malware-serving website.

“Hereby we confirm that your complaint has been received together with enclosures dated January 30, 2014. The complaint will be reviewed in court in the nearest possible time based on the documents and information you have previously provided. You do not have to be present at trial in person if the Court does not suggest otherwise,” the emails read.

“Please use this link to check your complaint once again and confirm it. If we do not get your confirmation the claim will be cancelled. You will be further notified without delay of any judgement delivered in regard to your complaint.”

The links from the bogus notifications point to a website that has been set up to serve a piece of malware, Hoax Slayer reports.

In addition to these court notifications, the same cybercriminals are believed to be responsible for an “eviction notification” spam campaign as well.

Beware of such emails! If you see them in your inbox, simply delete them. If you’re a victim of such a scam, check your computer with an updated antivirus program to make sure it’s not infected.


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