Kaspersky to Reveal Details of Sophisticated Cyber Espionage Operation “The Mask”

Kaspersky researchers to detail The Mask APT campaign at SAS 2014
Next week, at the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2014, researchers will present their findings on another highly sophisticated cyber espionage campaign that Kaspersky has dubbed “The Mask.”

According to experts, the cybercriminals behind The Mask have been in operation since 2007. They’ve targeted victims in a total of 27 countries.

The advanced persistent threat (APT) actors are relying on extremely sophisticated malware that’s said to be even more advanced than the notorious Duqu.

The tools used by the attackers include a bootkit, a rookit, Mac OS and Linux versions of the malware, and even components specially designed for attacks against Kaspersky products.

Another noteworthy detail about The Mask campaign is that the cybercriminals speak a language that has been “observed very rarely in APT attacks.”


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