Dailymotion Still Serves Fake AV Almost One Month After Initial Infection – Video


On January 7, 2014, Invincea experts warned that the video sharing website Dailymotion.com had been serving fake antiviruses. Almost one month after the report, the site still hosts malicious code.

According to researchers, they’ve notified Dailymotion once again in hopes that the company will do something about the infection. However, Invincea has told ThreatPost that Dailymotion hasn’t confirmed receiving their initial report.

Visitors of the site are redirected to a domain that’s set up to serve a fake antivirus. Once installed, the threat keeps informing victims that there are various pieces of malware on their computer that need to be removed.

For the removal of the so-called threats, victims need to activate the fake antivirus. If your computer becomes infected with such malware, use a legitimate security solution to clean up your system.

Check out the second video published by Invincea on this fake AV attack.

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