Bogus Job Application Emails Lead to Surveys and Potentially Unwanted Programs

Fake job application email

Security experts from Malwarebytes warn users about a spam campaign that’s designed to lure them to sites that host fake surveys and potentially unwanted programs.

Fake job application emails are usually utilized by cybercriminals to recruit money moles, but in this case, the bogus notifications are used for a different purpose.

The emails carry the subject line “RE: Your Job Application” and they read something like this:

“Thank you for your recent job application. We have reviewed it and have good news for you. We’d like to hire you, plus pay for your to get trained on the job. If you are still searching for employment, we encourage you to go to our site and fill out some additional information. You’ll find the link below.”

The website where users are taken after clicking the link depends on their location. However, experts found that in most cases, victims are taken to an iLivid install that comes bundled with an Ask Toolbar, and the Torch Browser.

In other cases, internauts are taken to a site where they’re instructed to complete surveys in order to win prizes.

If you come across such emails, simply delete them. If you’re a victim of this scam, remove all the applications you’ve installed and scan your computer with antivirus software to make sure it’s not infected with anything dangerous.


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