ANZ Phishing Scam: Upgrade to Our New System Technology

ANZ phishing scam

ANZ customers should be on the lookout for phishing emails that instruct them to hand over their credentials in order to upgrade to a new system. 

The emails have nothing to do with the financial institution. Cybercriminals are sending them out in an effort to trick Internet users into entering their personal information on a phishing site, Hoax Slayer reports.

“Dear Customer, Enter your Internet Banking logon details to upgrade to our new system technology for your maximum protection,” the fake notifications read.

The Log On button from the email points to a fake ANZ website where internauts are instructed to enter their username and password. The phishers can utilize the information to hijack victims’ accounts.

In order to avoid raising suspicion, victims are redirected to the genuine ANZ website after they enter their data on the fake site.

If you’re a victim of this scam, change your password immediately. If you’ve utilized the same password for multiple services, which is highly unrecommended, change all of them. You might also want to contact ANZ and tell them that your online account has been compromised.


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