Supporters of Nationalist Party Svoboda Hack Ukrainian Government and Media Sites

Ukrainian websites defaced by Svoboda supporters

Hacktivists who back the Ukrainian nationalist political party Svoboda have allegedly breached and defaced a total of 300 Ukrainian government and media websites.

A partial list of the targeted sites has been published on Many of the sites have been restored, but some of them are either offline or they’re still defaced.

The hackers say Svoboda is ready to “seize power in Ukraine” and that this is the “only real political force in the country.”

The cyberattack comes amid massive protests that have been taking place in Ukraine since November 21, when the country’s president rejected a European Union deal.

Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine’s first post-independence president, has warned that the country may face a civil war if the government doesn’t act responsibly, the BBC reported.


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