Barracuda Networks Identifies Rogue SignNow Version in the App Store

Comparison between fake and real SignNow apps

Around 2 weeks ago, Barracuda Networks found a rogue version of its document-signing SignNow app on Apple’s App Store. The application had been uploaded by a company called GameStruct.

After taking a closer look at the developer, Barracuda noticed that GameStruct was actually ripping off several companies in a similar manner.

Experts found that the rogue application had the same codebase. It was initially uploaded to the App store by a different developer, Tektrify, under the name “SignPDF” on December 9, 2013. After making some minor iOS 7 tweaks, the program was re-uploaded on January 7, 2014 under the name SignNow by GameStruct.

Barracuda believes that GameStruct and Tektrify are run by the same individuals whose only goal is to rip off legitimate companies and trick users into purchasing their apps.

“Their current strategy is designed to deliberately confuse consumers in order to harvest downloads, a strategy that defies the App Store guidelines, hurts consumers, and is morally questionable,” Barracuda noted in a blog post.


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