Bangladeshi Hackers Target Indian Cricket Player, Board of Control for Cricket

Image posted by hackers on the site of the BCCI

Over the weekend, hackers from Bangladesh have targeted the website of a famous Indian cricket player, and the site of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the organization that governs everything related to cricket. The attacks are in protest against a proposal made by India, Australia and England.

A hacker from Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers (BGHH) has managed to upload a couple of articles to the news section of the BCCI website. Links to the articles in question have been posted on the homepage of the site.

The hacker has told E Hacking News that he had gained access to the BCCI site’s administrator panel. At the time of writing, the website of the BCCI displays an “under maintenance” message. Mirrors of the defacement are available on

Another Bangladeshi group, the United Bangladeshi Hackers, has attacked the website of MS Dhoni, the captain of India’s cricket team.

The hacktivists have uploaded a text file to MS Dhoni’s website with a message that reads, “Stop abusing our test cricket. Don’t try to play with fire. We are bangladeshi hackers.”

The homepage of the hasn’t been impacted. However, the text file uploaded by the hackers is still online at the time of writing.

The cyberattacks have been launched in protest against a recent proposal made by India, England and Australia, the countries that generate the most revenue for the popular sport.

These three countries are accused of trying to take control of the proceedings of the International Cricket Council. On Sunday, thousands of people in Bangladesh have protested against Cricket Australia, the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the England and Wales Cricket Board’s plans.

Bangladeshi cricket fans and the Cricket Board argue that the proposal has a negative impact on the country.

Update. It turns out that MS Dhoni’s website wasn’t actually hacked. Apparently, anyone can upload text and image files to the site through a section that allows Dhoni’s fans to send him messages.


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