Website of Brazil’s City of Franca Hacked, Redirects Users to Malicious Site

Website of Brazil's city of Franca hacked

Brazilian government websites are often the target of cyberattacks. However, it’s not only hacktivists that target them, but also cybercriminals. 

F-Secure researchers have spotted a piece of malicious code in a JavaScript file on the official website of the city of Franca in São Paulo, Brazil ( The code loads a Flash object (Trojan:SWF/Redirector.EQ) that redirects the site’s visitors to a malicious domain.

According to experts, the attackers have most likely exploited a vulnerability in the outdated Joomla version running on the website.

F-Secure has reached out to Brazil’s Computer Security and Incident Response Team – CTIR Gov to let them know about the attack.

Brazil should really start focusing more on securing government websites. A simple search on Twitter shows that at least 5 government sites have been hacked over the last 24 hours.


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