Users Lured to Facebook Phishing Sites with Leaked Snapchats

Facebook phishing site

Malicious websites promising leaked Snapchats are still around, which is why users looking for raunchy photos sent via Snapchat should be careful.

Back in December 2013, security experts warned of a website called While this particular website is blocked by Google and antivirus vendors, a new one has been registered to take its place.

This time, the malicious site is called leaked-snapchats(dot)org and its being advertised via Facebook events. According to Spyware Sucks, close to 800,000 users have been invited to check out the leaked photos.

When internauts visit the site, they’re instructed to log in to their Facebook accounts in order to gain access to the content. However, this is actually a fake Facebook page and the username and password entered by the user are transmitted to a server owned by cybercriminals.

In case you’re a victim of this scam, change your Facebook password immediately. Change your other passwords as well if you’ve been using the same one for multiple online accounts.

To protect yourself against such phishing schemes, enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account.


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