Mining Pool “Give Me Coins” Hacked, 10,000 Litecoins Stolen

Give Me Coins hacked

The popular Litecoin mining pool Give Me Coins ( has been hacked. The attackers have reportedly stolen a total of 10,000 Litecoins, currently worth around €230,000 (€166,000).

In an announcement posted on the Give Me Coins forum, the service’s administrators have reported that all coins have been withdrawn from certain pool accounts. Payments have been suspended while the issue is being investigated.

Give Me Coins representatives have promised to reimburse all impacted customers. The attackers have most likely leveraged an SQL Injection vulnerability to breach the website.

Security researchers from Trustwave’s SpiderLabs have investigated the incident.

“We have found several transactions initiated by the attackers that sent the stolen Litecoins from the Give Me Coins wallets (the coins are kept in the website’s wallets until a user requests that coins be transferred to their personal wallet) to the wallets of the attacker or attackers,” experts explained.

Trustwave says the quick response from Give Me Coins administrators prevented an additional 20,000 Litecoins from being stolen.


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