Leaked Intelligence Bulletin Shows the DHS Is Looking into TeamBerserk Attacks

KIFC intelligence bulletin leaked by hackers

Last week, hackers of TeamBerserk published several documents allegedly stolen from various US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Intelligence Fusion Centers. Now, the hackers have leaked a document which shows that the attack is being investigated.

TeamBerserk has obtained an intelligence bulletin from the Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center (KIFC). The hackers have told Softpedia that they’ve stolen the document from the Kansas center’s own systems.

However, in its bulletin, KIFC claims it’s confident that the files “were not hacked from any account or network of the KIFC, but were hacked from an unidentified partner who receives our law enforcement products and then save them on a local computer network – which was penetrated by the hackers.”

Furthermore, the organization says the hackers haven’t obtained any classified documents, and have simply created a folder named “Classified” to “generate more attention.”

“They need to inspect their network better,” TeamBerserk representatives said in response to the KIFC report.

The hackers claim to have access to multiple fusion centers. They’ve stated that the “nation’s security needs to be thoroughly inspected and made better without hurting the rights of Americans.” They highlight the fact that other countries, particularly China, are stealing information from US networks.

In its report, the KIFC asks all fusion center partners and agencies to review their computer files for a similar structure to the one published by TeamBerserk.

“If you are maintaining information in a file structure similar to that pictured above, your computer system may be compromised. Please contact your Information Technology Department and the Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center as soon as possible,” the document reads.

The bulletin also contains recommendations for fusion center partners on how to secure their networks, and a feedback form.


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