Bank Account Information Compromised in DHS Portal Security Breach

DHS warns companies that their financial information might have been compromised

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is sending out notifications to over 100 companies whose information might have been compromised in a security incident that took place sometime over the past four months.

According to Brian Krebs, at least 114 companies that bid on a DHS Science and Technology contract last year are impacted.

A total of 520 private documents have been exposed. The most affected are 16 companies whose bank account information was contained in the illegally accessed documents.

The DHS says that an unauthorized person outside the agency has accessed one of the department’s web portals. The website is run by REI Systems, a Virginia-based company that provides tech services to various US government organizations, including NASA, the IRS, the FAA, the HHS and the DoJ.

It’s uncertain if the breach has impacted other government projects maintained by REI, or only the one of the DHS.


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