Two Mexican Citizens Carrying Cards Cloned with Target Data Arrested

Daniel Guardiola-Dominguez and Mary Carmen Garcia

Authorities have arrested two people of Monterrey, Mexico, while trying to enter the United States with close to 100 payment cards cloned with data stolen in the recent Target breach

According to The Associated Press, 27-year-old Mary Carmen Garcia and 28-year-old Daniel Guardiola-Dominguez were trying to cross the border into Texas when authorities found 96 cloned credit cards under their clothing.

The police chief in McAllen, Texas, has revealed that the cards were used to purchase goods worth tens of thousands of dollars from various retailers in the US.

Garcia and Guardiola-Dominguez were tracked down after retailers in the McAllen area reported fraudulent purchases. Video footage revealed that the suspects had a car with Mexican license plates. They were arrested while trying to re-enter the US.

Authorities believe that the two are part of a larger criminal organization that purchases stolen information and uses it to create counterfeit payment cards. The suspects face federal charges.


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