Incapsula Releases New Security Rules Engine to Boost Defense Against DDOS Attacks

Incapsula launches new security rules engine

Incapsula has released a new next-generation security rules engine that’s designed to help organizations in protecting themselves against distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) and sophisticated Layer-7 application attacks.

By using the new rules engine and the InRules security scripting language, customers can create security rules that are almost instantly deployed across their entire network.

Incapsula CEO Gur Shatz highlights the fact that, in general, it takes as much as 45 minutes for other cloud services to enforce rules. However, the rules created by the company’s customers with the InRules language are applied across Incapsula’s global network in a matter of seconds.

The new rules engine can be used to restrict access to a specific resource, to enforce application logic, and for focused mitigation strategies that require a fine tuned response.


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