OpKillingBay: Anonymous Disrupts Website of Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture


OpKillingBay – the campaign initiated a few weeks ago by Anonymous hacktivists to raise awareness of the killing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan – may not focus so much on hacking these days. However, the operation has attracted the attention of media organizations from all over the world.

Reuters has reported that the US and British ambassadors in Japan have both criticized the activities in Taiji. As numerous people gathered to the site to see what was going on, the fishermen placed a tarpaulin in front of the cove where the killing takes place to keep their activities hidden from reporters and activists.

After several days in which they haven’t been very active, the hacktivists that support the operation have launched a DDOS attack against the website of the Wakayama Prefecture, where the town of Taiji is located.

In addition, Anonymous has released a new video statement for OpKillingBay, which might mean that cyberattacks are being resumed these days.


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