What Is Creepware? – Video


Symantec has published an educational video to teach Internet users about creepware, or Remote Access Trojans (RATs). Creepware poses a serious threat, which is why users should take some precautions to make sure their devices are not infected.

RATs can be distributed via email, chat rooms, social networks and even files served on torrent sites. Once they infect a computer, there’s nothing to indicate their presence.

While some people utilize creepware to troll their friends and strangers, such threats can also be used by cybercriminals to spy on people via their webcam, and to steal sensitive information, such as passwords. Basically, RATs give the attacker full control of an infected computer.

Just like with other malware, some steps need to be taken in order to ensure that your device doesn’t become infected:

– keep your antivirus, operating system and other applications updated;
– only download files from trusted and legitimate sources;
– never click on suspicious links;
– when you’re not using the webcam, cover it.

Check out the video for additional details.


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