AVG Confirms One of Its Webservers Was Hacked and Defaced

Hmei7 hacks AVG webserver

AVG has confirmed that one of its webservers was recently breached by hackers. The IT security company is investigating the incident.

HackRead reported that the famous Indonesian hacker Hmei7 targeted AVG on January 10, defacing a total of 11 of the company’s domains.

AVG representatives have confirmed for Softpedia that one of their web servers was breached.

“On 10th January, one of AVG’s webservers was defaced. A number of other companies’ websites appear to have been similarly targeted. AVG immediately blocked the webserver from public access and initiated an investigation,” AVG stated.

“Customers are our priority and in line with our usual processes, we are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure normal service levels are maintained.”

In addition to the domains targeted by Hmei7, another Indonesian hacker, SultanHaikal, claimed to have defaced some AVG websites on January 14. However, the zone-h.org defacement mirrors he has created don’t actually prove his claims.

The Pakistani hacker going by the online name of DR@CUL@ defaced the official AVG Japan blog (blog.avg.co.jp) on January 14. A mirror of his defacement can be found on Add-Attack.com.

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