Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda NG Firewall F280

Barracuda Networks launches new NG Firewall appliance

Barracuda Networks has launched a new product, namely the Barracuda NG Firewall F280. The list price in for the new desktop appliance starts at $2,499 (€1,837) and an extra $449 (€366) for a one year subscription of Energize Updates.

Barracuda NG Firewall F280 comes with all the security features integrated into the latest Barracuda NG Firewall software version 5.4.2, including intrusion prevention systems, malware protection, SSL interception and application detection.

The solution offers fast and secure access to the Web and cloud resources, and it comes with integrated application-aware WAN virtualization. It also includes a wireless component for mobile devices.

The appliance can be managed from a single central console using the Barracuda Control Center. Other key features include low resource consumption, massive scalability, and high-performance for critical applications.


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