Symantec Publishes Paper on Cyberattacks Against the Energy Sector – Infographic

Infographic on energy sector attacks (click to see full)

IT security firm Symantec has published a whitepaper detailing the cyberattacks launched against the energy sector.

This particular sector has become increasingly targeted over the past period. In fact, in 2013, it was the fifth most targeted.

A wide range of actors have set their sights on the energy industry, including governments, competitors which seek an advantage, so-called hacker mercenaries who do it for the money, and even hacktivists.

The most common attack vectors used in attacks against the energy sector are application vulnerabilities, spear phishing, backdoors and default passwords. So far, the most notable attacks were the Stuxnet, Shamoon and Night Dragon campaigns.

For a summary of the report, check out the infographic. The complete report, “Targeted attacks against the energy sector,” is available on Symantec’s website.


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