Spammers Lure Users to Rogue Pharmacy Sites with Fake Picasa Emails

Beware of fake Picasa emails!

If you come across an email entitled “We add new photos to your album” that appears to come from Picasa, be careful. It’s likely that the notifications are part of a spam campaign that’s designed to lure users to rogue pharmacy websites.

According to Hoax Slayer, the emails inform recipients that several photos have been added to the user’s album. When the “View albums” button is pressed, the user is taken to a shady pharmacy website, also known as a Canadian Pharmacy.

Users should never purchase any pharmaceutical products from such websites, no matter how good the offers sound.

In most cases, the websites are either selling counterfeit products that pose a risk to your health, or they’re simply designed to harvest information from people who make orders on the site.

Either way, nothing good can come of it. It’s very important that you stick to the websites of trusted companies when buying medicines online.


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