.ME Registrar Confirms Being Hacked

.ME domain registrar hacked

The Montenegro domain (.ME) registrar has confirmed being hacked. The Pakistani hacker group known as TeaM MaDLeeTs has defaced a section of the company’s website and hijacked around 3,500 parked domains.

“The .ME registry web properties have been attacked on two web servers. The server that hosts the official web site was injected with one fake blog post and another server that hosts parked domain names (a single web page propagated across hundreds of names) was injected with fake HTML code,” .ME registry representatives told Softpedia.

The organization says the impact of the attack is limited, and that the issue was addressed in a matter of minutes.

“[The] attacks haven’t damaged any existing information neither have they resulted in any loss of data or data theft. The system was restored 5 minutes after we noticed that the website was hacked,” they added.

The .ME Team explains that they’re the target of numerous attacks. They constantly monitor their systems and they try to use all available resources in an effort to mitigate threats.

However, considering that the organization has customers from over 200 countries, and considering that cybercriminals from all over the world are targeting them, it’s very difficult to fend off all attacks.

Updated with more details from the .ME Team.

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