Dropbox Has Not Been Hacked, Outage Caused During Internal Maintenance

Dropbox has not been breached

A few hours ago, Dropbox suffered some intermittent outages, but they had nothing to do with hackers. The website has not been breached.

As in many similar cases, when Dropbox went down, a group of hackers took credit for the downtime. Hackers of The 1775 Sec claimed to have compromised the service and leaked some information allegedly obtained from Dropbox systems.

After the service was restored, Dropbox clarified, “Dropbox site is back up! Claims of leaked user info are a hoax. The outage was caused during internal maintenance. Thanks for your patience!”

By that time, many had already figured out that the hackers’ claims were false, and that the data was part of an older leak. Later, The 1775 Sec admitted that the leak was fake, noting that they had done it in honor of the late Aaron Schwartz.

I’d like to point out that, over the past weeks, The 1775 Sec has published several pieces of information allegedly stolen from high-profile companies. In all the cases I’ve checked, the data was taken from older leaks.


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