Another Alleged Silk Road Operator Released on Bail

American suspected of having ties to Silk Road drug marketplace released on bail

Andrew Michael Jones, one of the three men arrested in December 2013 for their alleged role in the operations of Silk Road and Silk Road 2, has been released on bail recently.

US authorities have confirmed for Mashable that Jones has been set free. His family paid the bail money ($1 million / €730,000) to have him released

During his trial, his computer activity and drug testing will be closely monitored. He has agreed to home detention, and all his travel papers have been handed over to authorities.

The next hearing has been scheduled for April 17, 2014, after both the defense and prosecution agreed to a discovery period of 90 days. Neither Jones nor his attorney has made any statements regarding the case.

Jones, known online as “Inigo,” is the second suspect released on bail. Earlier this week, we learned that Gary Davis, the suspect arrested in Ireland, was released on bail on the night he was taken in by police.

At the time, the FBI reportedly flew to Ireland to interview him regarding his involvement with the Silk Road drug marketplace, and to arrest him.

The third suspect, Peter Phillip Nash (aka “Batman 73,” “Samesamebutdifferent” and “Symmetry”), was arrested in Australia. Australian police have told Mashable that he’s still in custody.

US authorities will likely do everything in their power to have both Nash and Davis extradited.

Ross William Ulbricht, believed to be Dread Pirate Roberts, the mastermind of Silk Road, is still in custody. In the meantime, Silk Road 2 continues to operate.

Its administrators reassure the online criminal marketplace’s customers that law enforcement hasn’t compromised their operations. However, it might be hard for Silk Road users to trust them now that the FBI is said to be after major Silk Road vendors from Europe and the United States.


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