Man Admits Hacking Former Employer’s Systems to Damage Servers and Reputation

Arizona man admits shutting down cloud provider's servers

An Arizona man has admitted hacking into the systems of his former employer in an effort to damage their servers, reputation and business.

31-year-old Jonathan Hartwell Wolberg of Tucson, Arizona, worked as a system administrator at a cloud computing services provider in the Eastern District of Virginia. After quitting his job, he continued to access the firm’s systems without authorization.

Authorities say that between March 16 and August 1, 2012, the man not only shut down a key data server, but also encouraged the company’s customers to leave.

He’s said to have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage after preventing the cloud company’s customers, including a hospital, from accessing information for at least several hours. The cloud services provider has not been named.

Wolberg was indicted on August 22, 2013. He faces up to 10 years in prison. The sentencing has been scheduled for April 11, 2014.


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