Matthew Moynahan Replaces Colin Doherty as President of Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks has a new president

Arbor Networks has appointed Matthew Moynahan as the company’s new president. Moynahan, who has been the company’s senior VP of product management and corporate development since 2012, replaces Colin Doherty.

Before joining Arbor Networks, Moynahan was president and CEO at application security company Veracode. He also held management positions at Symantec.

“I’m excited by the opportunity to lead this great team. The solution portfolio is dynamic and exciting, but the company culture that Colin has fostered is what truly makes this a special place to work,” Moynahan said.

“The company is well positioned, united around our strategy and committed to delivering for our customers, partners and each other.”

Doherty has been the company’s president for the past four years. Under his leadership, Arbor was acquired by Danager in 2010. In 2013, Arbor Networks acquired security analytics innovator Packetloop.


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