DailyMotion Serves FakeAV in Malvertising Attack – Video


Security researchers have warned users that the popular video sharing website DailyMotion has been serving fake antiviruses through malicious ads.

According to Invincea, users who visit the website are served a fake antivirus. On January 7, at 6PM UTC, the threat was detected by only 10 antivirus engines from VirusTotal.

The fake antivirus is not out of the ordinary. It falsely informs victims of malware infections and asks them to register the product in order to remove the Trojans, Downloaders, Backdoors and Rootkits. Registration costs up to $100 (€73).

Of course, users are advised not to pay up since the infections are fake and the bogus security application doesn’t actually do anything.

Invincea says it has notified DailyMotion of the malvertising attack. However, at the time of writing, it’s uncertain if the website has been cleaned up. Until the security firms confirms that the site is clean, users should avoid visiting it.

A few days ago, Yahoo users from Europe were also targeted in such a malvertising attack.


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