Hacker Guccifer Adds More Celebrities and Officials to His List of Victims

Comedian Steve Martin is one of Guccifer's victims

The hacker known as Guccifer, who became known after targeting the Bush family, claims to have hijacked the online accounts of several high-profile individuals.

The hacker has told The Smoking Gun that he has  breached the accounts of diplomats, journalists, military and government officials, academics and entertainers

The list of victims includes the CEO of insurance conglomerate MetLife, Steven Kandarian; former Air Force Secretary, George Roche; head of the Romanian Intelligence Service, George-Cristian Maior; author Kitty Kelley; DHS official Laura Manning Johnson; actress Mariel Hemingway; and award-winning author Diane McWhorter.

The list continues with Cantwell F. Muckenfuss III, a partner at the Gibson Dunn law firm; oceanographer Robert Ballard; fitness instructor Denise Austin; members of the Council on Foreign Relations; members of the UK’s House of Lords; comedian Steve Martin; and many others.

The hacker has refused to reveal how he has managed to hack his victims’ online accounts. However, in some cases, he guessed the answers to security questions.

He claims to have obtained bank statements, payment card data, financial documents, personal photographs, phone records, and correspondence. All of the information has been provided to a reporter, in case he “disappears.”

Guccifer says he’s well aware of the fact that authorities are after him. He knows this because he has intercepted communications between his victims and law enforcement.

While having dreams of an FBI agent arresting him, the hacker doesn’t appear too concerned about getting caught.

“NO I am not concerned, i think i switch the proxies go to play some backgammon on yahoo watch tv, play with my family and daughter (sic),” the told TSG.

As far as his motives are concerned, Guccifer claims to be operating from “the cloud of infinite justice.” On the other hand, many of his attacks don’t appear to be the work of someone who wants to do justice.


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