Unknown Cybercriminals Launch DDOS Attacks Against 3 Popular BitTorrent Sites

Broadcasthe.net disrupted by DDOS attack

For the past few days, private BitTorrent websites What.cd, PassthePopcorn.me and Broadcasthe.net have been offline due to distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks being launched against their systems.

No one has taken credit for the attacks. The representatives of the targeted trackers have told TorrentFreak that they have no idea who is behind the cyberattacks.

What.cd operators have decided to null-route all the site’s IP addresses to avoid wasting bandwidth.

This isn’t the first time popular BitTorrent websites are targeted with DDOS attacks. In 2012, a hacker called Zeiko Anonymous disrupted most of the popular trackers after What.cd refused to give him an invitation.

On this particular occasion, it’s difficult to determine who is behind the attacks. It could very well be an anti-piracy group, but it could also be the competition, or someone with a personal agenda.


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