Bruce Schneier Joins Co3 Systems

Bruce Schneier appointed as CTO at Co3 Systems

The world-renowned security and cryptography expert Bruce Schneier has been appointed chief technology officer at Co3 Systems, a startup that specializes in security incident response services.

Schneier, who says his new role at Co3 Systems is mainly as an “external-facing evangelist,” has told Dark Reading that while working for a large company has its advantages, being with a startup “is fun in ways that being with a big company is not.”

Schneier announced leaving BT in December 2013. At the time, many believed that the departure might have something to do with the expert’s comments regarding state surveillance. However, both he and BT denied the allegations.

John Bruce, Co3’s CEO, has known Schneier for many years. 15 years ago, they worked together at Counterplane. Schneier joined BT in 2006 when the telecoms company acquired Counterplane.

The expert highlights the fact that the security industry has invested a lot in preventing and detecting data breaches. However, he believes that not enough money has been invested in incident response.


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