24 Mexican Government Websites Hacked by Anonymous

Mexican government websites hacked

Anonymous hackers have breached and defaced around a couple of dozen websites hosted on Mexican government domains.

The targeted sites are the ones of the cities of Angangueo (angangueo.gob.mx), Villa Guerrero (villaguerrero.gob.mx), Capulhuac (capulhuac.gob.mx), Aporo (aporo.gob.mx), Nahuatzen (nahuatzen.gob.mx), Ocoyoacac (ocoyoacac.gob.mx), Lagunillas (lagunillas.gob.mx) and Tejupilco (tejupilco.gob.mx).

The complete list of hacked government sites has been published by the attackers on Pastebin.

All of the websites have a similar layout. They’re either hosted on the same server or they’re all plagued by the same vulnerability, which has allowed the hackers to deface them all at once.

On the homepages of each website, the hacktivists have posted images of the Anonymous logo and messages that read “We are Anonymous.” This appears to be an attack carried out in protest against the government of Mexico.

The attack was announced around three hours ago. At the time of writing, all of the websites are still defaced.


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